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National Institute of Pressure Point Arts
Pressure Points of the Martial Combat System

The object of this web site and the National Institute of Pressure Point Arts (N.I.P.P.A ) is to cultivate promote and teach you the student of the martial arts, the use of cavity striking used at one time in the martial arts of Asia and India.

To re-establish the original usage of these points by the martial systems. We will try to teach you the full understanding for each pressure point on the body. This will encompass the following,

1) Location of the point.
2) The angle to apply.
3) The direction of application.
4) The depth of application.
5) The best body weapons to use for the application.
6) If any, additional techniques used in application.
7) Type of power used for its application.
8) Damage resulting from application.
9) Healing of damage resulting from application. If possible.

It is the hope that the N.I.P.P.A. will help you to understand better the original use the masters of Asia and India intended when these masters devised these techniques, and to finally end the wholesale practice of selling illusive theories on pressure point striking.

The cavity points will be posted monthly and moved to the archives for future use
by you the student.

Kind regards,
Master L.P.Lambert.
GrandMaster Shin Shu Ryu
White Crane System.

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